FIFA 16 (FIFA 2016)

Classic soccer game allows players to compete as their favorite team

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    (FIFA 2016)

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1

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    7.2 (197)

Control every aspect of your soccer team in this improved game.

From the graphics to the details of the ways that the players move on the field, you'll see that the game is one that offers a lot of enjoyment and action. One of the things that you'll notice with this game is that there are women's teams, and, in fact, there are 12 women's teams from which you can choose. Each team has its own special moves with the players and the design of the uniforms. The women on the field interact with each other differently and play on the field in a different manner.

Some of the matches with women are slower as they tend to carefully watch the moves that they make on the field in comparison to the men. There is also a lot less physical contact with the women. The men tend to be a little rougher on the field, which means more penalties. This takes up a good bit of time that could be used actually playing the sport. You can improve the way that the men play by working on some of the soccer skills, but this doesn't always tame the tempers that are on the field if something goes wrong with the other team.

You can work with one player through a career in the game. The player will take part in mini games that will improve the skills on the field. It will also help to improve the overall stats of the player. You can customize the player with the potential of the player signing with one team or being drafted to another. There are a few magic moments of the game that include shooting and animations that appear to be of a cartoon quality.


  • Women't teams are included
  • Customization options
  • Work with one player through a career


  • Men's teams take longer to play a game
  • Show qualities make the games seem fake

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